Week one of the NFL Opener

    Week one of the NFL Opener is one of the anticipated weekends of the year some would say the best month of the year when all youth leagues start High school #FridayNightLights is well in its season with a couple of homecomings to boot, College Programs working into its second-third game of the season all leading up to the 1st week of the NFL season. Who’s ready for some Football where everyone’s Team is in 1st place But the LA Rams, who fell short in defending their Championship this past Thursday Night?


      The NFL is showing a lot of parity as we enter into week 5 with the only 1 undefeated Team The Philadelphia Eagles who are Flying High with #JalenHurts carving his way with Opposing Defenses.

    The highly watched and explosive offense in the Detroit Lions, while Hurts throwing for 243 yards than running through The Minnesota Vikings with 333 yards passing continuing his dominance with 340 yards passing ageist The Washington Commanders while entering an emotional game with 204 passing yards against there Super Bowl winning Head Coach, now with The Jacksonville Jaguars starting the 1st quarter of the season Powering in a 4-0 Record.    

The Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are Flying High with #JalenHurts carving his way with Opposing Defenses.

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Kansas City Chiefs

          If Patrick Mahomes playing like MIKE it’s really hard to bet against Him, the best red zone offense running with so many moving parts that you’ll need more than a couple of D-linemen moving the pocket and collapsing the edge.  You’ll need to reload with a dual quarterback spy to maintain Mahomes, playmaking ability.  One would think that the

         Tampa Bay Buccaneers provide the formula in that Superbowl the Kansas City Chiefs were defending.  The O-Line is an investment that is paying dividends, The Chiefs bet the House on their QB and Mortgaged the rest of the farm on The New and Improved Offensive Line which allows playmakers that extra split-second amount of time needed in looking for their shot throughout the season.

Buffalo BILLS

Dallas Cowboys

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Goat TBThe Goat TB

Miami Dolphins

Green Bay Packers

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Minnesota Vikings

New York Jets


Denver Broncos

Mr. Play Action-Russell will utilize his dual running game of #JavonteWilliams & #MalvinGordon to take Shots at the Defense with his supporting cast the 3 amigo’s #CourtlandSutton #JerryJeudy and #AlbertOkwuegbunam looking to have a #Homecoming going against his former Team Coach, Stadium, and the assembled 12 that he Built.  A lot of familiar faces will be competing for GP General Principle, with a Coach Left to rebuild Seattle Seahawks with Jr Megatron in #DKMetcalf with Batman and Robin in #TylerLockett and #MarquiseGoodwin whom Russell misses will be led by #GenoSmith 2013 Florida States Jets 2nd round draft pick making the comeback, beating out #DrewLock another 2nd round draft pick traded from Denver in the #RussellWilson Trade coming from the University of Missouri in the 2019 draft with multiple drafts picks including #ShelbyHarris & #NoahFant all will be welcoming Home the 2013 3rd round drafted Bucky Badger on the season opener of Monday Night Football.  

Chicago Bears

Bears Vs 49ers

With two extraordinary athletic quarterbacks with #TrayLance and #JustinFields, one seasoned and the other raw and untapped we will witness a challenge of this new QB version of the NFL in the Wind City Environment with both teams having defensive presents will the Quarterbacks be able to maneuver through the rough terrain in Chicago.

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