Bolingbrook vs Lockport Starting Freshman QB Jonas Williams

       Friday Night Lights was written to open the doors to discuss societal pressures, racism, and psychological issues in American sports culture.  With all the normal challenges in dealing with adulthood pressures, there are also wins and losses accomplishments, and learning lessons that will shape and balance your high school experience.

Jonas Williams

       The culture has grown over the years where young adult showcasing their skills under the lights has become a burning desire for some and opportunities for others, from the workouts to the self-discipline to the diet and the extra that one puts in all is presented on the field on Friday under lights.

    Teddy-U is giving out the 1st week Teddy to Freshman Quarterback Jonas Williams making statements with 407 yards and 7 touchdown debut at BOLINGBROOK HIGH ILLINOIS with Big Plays followed by a Big Arm… something is in the water or the Drip is real in Bolingbrook High congratulations _J.Williamssss and company, kuyanberryu_ and imarion05_ keep pushing young men #YourOnTheClock

   Jonas Williams the youngest comes from a competitive athletic family of 2 older brothers that excelled in baseball and basketball with siblings of cousins excelling in basketball & women’s basketball and Volleyball. Jonas has made his move in the family athletic tree structure with his hard work and committed nature and with the consistent tutelage of his father and coach-mentors, Jonas Williams looks to be all about that Drip.

Jonas Williams

      Jonas Williams and Company starts with his 2 Highly Skillful receivers making big catches @kuyanberryu_ and @imarion05_ can run clean routes and can get to their spots and outplay their defenders turns into a pitch and catches relationship, with the placement that Jonas puts on the ball makes for an exciting time in Bolingbrook High.

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