The Power Layup

Teddy-U Platform was created and is Working to Empower Athletes in working toward their goals of becoming Professional, Olympian, and or competitive Collegiate athletes, in channeling their energy for a common goal: to make a difference in communities or townships, with charitable contributions through their Imagining & Likeness, because Actions Speak Louder than Words. Well, the Chicago White Sox started their NIL program by showcasing 8 Chicago Young Athletes and one of Teddy-U’s Homegrown Cameron Williams shows her excitement in being elected with the White Sox Organization and is living her dreams and her best life while she plans on using this opportunity in shoring up her networking connections with the White Sox Sports Marketing department as she aligns her studies with her newfound Women’s Basketball NIL Deal.   

Cameron WilliamsCameron WilliamsCameron Williams

The Power Layup with – Cameron Williams

A great episode of Defend The Block this week, featuring Cameron Williams – who talks about how the summer has been going, her journey at Michigan, and learning from a legend like Naz Hillmon. And the tutelage of her Fathers Aaron Williams’s dedication to the Game and his kids allows Cameron’s untapped talents to Break Ceilings.  With her patented Power Layup: -The lay-up with the left-hand works exactly the same but inverted, so start with your left foot, jump off with your right leg, and lay up with your left arm, be sure to train both hands. This will help step up your game. To perform a power layup, jump straight up off both feet. Your outside hand (from the basket) should shoot the ball similar to your normal shot, but straight up. Your inside hand should be up and strong to protect the ball. Shoot up high and aim for the top corner of the box. Listen to how Cameron Williams plans on her continued growth through the University of Michigan Women’s Basketball Program and Support her Journey.

Cameron WilliamsCameron WilliamsCameron Williams

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